Visualize what-if

Ditch spreadsheets and diagrams.

Visualize, edit, and share your scenarios.

"Intent saves me two weeks a year."

Rob Costanzo, CFO

Trusted by innovative companies

Your leadership co-pilot

Drive clarity and alignment on your current and future org.

Build org charts

Quickly build your vision with intuitive features like drag and drop and cloning.

Plan scenarios

Create multiple scenarios, collaboratively or privately, and compare them.

Import data

Integrate with your HRIS and ATS for rich data or easily import spreadsheets.

Reconcile headcount

Manage the lifecycle of headcount seats from 'planned' to 'recruiting' to 'hired'.

Control access

Provide limited hierarchical access for leaders to plan their own teams.

Self-serve analytics

Understand the cost and structure of your org in real-time with key metrics.

Built for all leaders.

Start playing with your org chart in minutes.

Use Cases

Get control of your org and navigate change.

Routine Planning

Run annual or quarterly planning cycles and roll up proposals into a single plan.

Change Management

Create a single clearinghouse for ad-hoc changes like raises and transfers.


Create reorg scenarios to plan for contingencies like layoffs or furloughs.

Global Expansion

With built-in currency conversion, plan global teams with precision.


Create growth scenarios that allocate funds to department leaders.

M&A Integrations

Streamline mergers and acquisitions by unifying data from two HRIS systems.

How it works

Zero fluff. Zero wasted time. Just a good org chart.


Import data

Connect directly to any major HRIS and/or ATS to import data in minutes.


Start planning

Drag & drop roles, add new roles, and terminate roles to plan your future org.


Invite others

Selectively share access to teams and scenarios with your colleagues.


One plan, one price, one solution.


$59per seat / per month

Here's what's included:

Scenario planning
Schedule changes
Reconcile roles
Export PNG, PDF, SVG
HRIS/ATS imports
Publish org chart externally
Real-time collaboration
Cash forecasting


Super Affordable

2-3x less expensive than other tools.

Rapid Setup

Ready to use in minutes not months.

No Fluff

Lightweight and built for ease of use.

"Intent was very helpful during reorgs as a collaborative source-of-truth."

Madison Little, Sr. Director of People

Intent in action

Finally, a good org chart tool.