Manage headcount with less spreadsheets

Save your leadership team hours of back-and-forth by increasing visibility into your most expensive resource.

One source of truth for headcount

To ensure P&L owners, Finance, and HR all have the same information.

Visualize your headcount data

To understand your current state and explore your future state.

Sync systems

No more disparate systems. Integrate with your HRIS and ATS.

Self-serve data

No more waiting for reports. Control access to real-time data.

Submit requests

Replace status change forms. Make requests quick and easy.

On mobile? Pinch zoom and check it out!

Manage your headcount plans

To handle things like attrition, hiring discrepancies, and date changes.

Assign targets

Eliminate confusion and questions. Keep team targets at the forefront.

Plan scenarios

Stop tinkering in spreadsheets. Use a visual tool built for this.

Get financials

Don't wait to know the impact. Understand financials in real-time.

Systematize headcount requests

To stay organized and provide visibility into what's been approved.

Centralize requests

Eliminate headcount trackers. Keep everything in one place.

Manage approvals

Don't wonder where things stand. Know what's in and out of budget.

Provide visibility

Don't keep leaders in the dark. Align Finance, HR, and leaders.

Streamline headcount spend

To give leaders answers and finance the inputs they need.

Monitor performance

Don't wait to close the books. Get a sense of actuals, live.

Investigate variance

Stop waiting for an email summary. Get variance reports instantly.

Update forecasts

Don't wait to craft the narrative. Get a sneak peak at any time.

Save your leadership team hours

To make their jobs more manageable and far less frustrating.

P&L Owner

Access real-time data, submit hiring requests, and build plans with controlled access.


Get visibility into people changes and export spreadsheets for financial models.


Stay informed on how hiring plans evolve and when employee status changes occur.


Increase transparency

Drive alignment with a single, centralized view of current headcount, future plans, and the status of all org changes.

Accelerate decisions

Leverage real-time data to understand the impact of changes and inform hiring decisions without more spreadsheets.

Improve collaboration

Bring business leaders into one platform to build budgets, make headcount plans, and manage changes within their teams.